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Client: Happiee!

Year: 2022/23

Services: Brand Identity, Packaging Design,
Web Design/Development & more

When we helped Happiee! launch in the UK it required a multitude of services from us, including brand development, packaging design, shopper marketing assets for the various retailer sites and an exhibition stand for Plant Based World Expo 2023. 

The creation of the Happiee! brand was a collaborative effort between Lion Creative and Happiee!

We initiated the project with a comprehensive discovery phase, delving into the brand’s values, target audience, and unique selling propositions. The team conducted market research to understand the competitive landscape and identified key differentiators.

Inspired by the ocean’s waves and the essence of plant-based living, the brand seamlessly blended organic shapes with a modern, vibrant colour palette. This not only represented their commitment to sustainability but also conveyed a sense of freshness an innovation. We developed a comprehensive set of brand guidelines to ensure consistency in Happiee’s visual identity across all platforms.

The website played a pivotal role in introducing Happiee! to the world. The team combined user-centric design principles with engaging content to create an enjoyable digital experience. The website not only showcased Happiee’s product range but also conveyed the brand’s story, mission, and commitment to plant-based alternatives.

Lion Creative extended the brand identity to Happiee’s product packaging, ensuring that it stood out on shelves while maintaining a connection to the overall brand aesthetic. We created packaging for both the chilled and frozen range whilst taking into consideration the use of sustainable packaging materials, aligning with Happiee’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.

With the help of Lion Creative, Happiee! successfully launched their vegan seafood alternatives with a strong brand presence.

The website garnered positive feedback for its user-friendly design and compelling content. The cohesive brand identity, from the logo to packaging, positioned Happiee! as a standout player in the plant-based food industry and Lion have demonstrated the power of thoughtful brand development. We continue to collaborate with Happiee! as they make an impact in the vegan market.

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