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Client: Signature Flatbreads

Year: 2015 – Present

Services: Packaging Design & Artwork, Photography,
Shopper Marketing, NPD Concepts (Digital & Physical),
PR & Influencer Packaging, Brand Identity & Development,
Exhibition Stand Design & more.

Over the past ten years, Lion has collaborated with various sub-brands under Signature Flatbreads, including Deli Kitchen, Planet Deli, and Earth & Wheat, crafting a wide array of materials. From conceptualising packaging to getting products onto store shelves, we have been there every step of the way.

Lion Creative’s Multifaceted Approach to Elevating Deli Kitchen’s Brand Presence

1. Packaging Design & Artwork

From the beginning, Lion Creative have supported Signature Flatbreads sub-brand Deli Kitchen to create packaging with a visually striking and cohesive look. The aim was to enhance shelf appeal, attracting consumers to explore the product range. The team focused on incorporating the brand’s essence, utilising vibrant colours, engaging imagery, and clear typography to communicate product information effectively.

Starting with a limited scope to bring appeal to consumers, we helped design a more extensive range of plain tortillas, folded flatbreads, seeded flatbreads and wraps. With every new product created, we supported the marketing team with digital 3D renders and shelf fixtures to help bring awareness for the brand presence in leading retailers, prior to product launch.


2. NPD and Digital Realisation

The introduction of New Product Development (NPD) concepts propelled Deli Kitchen ahead in the Bread Industry, leveraging multiple digital renders to explore diverse aesthetics swiftly. Through experimentation with color palettes and textures, the team identified impactful combinations aligning with the brand and target audience. 3D renders enabled thorough examination of visual impact, guiding the selection of compelling designs. These chosen concepts seamlessly merged aesthetic appeal, practicality, and brand alignment, laying the foundation for physical NPD realization.

3. Physical Mock-ups

The approved 3D renders guided the creation of physical prototypes for Deli Kitchen, streamlining the translation from virtual to tangible products. This involved finalizing packaging designs and producing small batches of mockups using selected materials and printing techniques. Collaboration with manufacturing partners ensured accuracy and quality, with rigorous checks informing refinements. Attention to detail in preparation ensured faithful representation of the intended design, contributing to a consistent product range.

4. Photography

Lion Creative’s photography team captured high-resolution images of Deli Kitchen’s products, blending product and lifestyle shots to tell a compelling story. With a focus on freshness, they prepared food on-site just before shooting, paying attention to details for visually captivating compositions. Integrated across marketing channels, these professionally crafted visuals enhance Deli Kitchen’s brand presence and create a cohesive identity across platforms.

5. PR & Influencer Send Out

The Lion team crafted an influencer box for Deli Kitchen, blending brand identity, captivating imagery, and vibrant colors to showcase the new product and inspire creative engagement. Maintaining consistency with Deli Kitchen’s brand, the box featured high-quality imagery and recipe cards, promoting culinary exploration and customer interaction. This strategically designed box served as both a product showcase and an interactive representation of Deli Kitchen’s brand, enhancing customer engagement.

6. Shopper Marketing Materials

Lion Creative worked closely with Deli Kitchen to tailor shopper marketing materials for leading UK retailers like ASDA, Tesco, and Waitrose. To enhance brand visibility, dynamic digital screen content was strategically placed in-store, featuring captivating visuals and key messaging to catch the eye of shoppers. Vibrant shelf barkers and floor stickers were designed to draw attention to Deli Kitchen’s products on the shelves, creating a lively and engaging shopper experience.

Consistency was key, ensuring that branding remained cohesive across all materials, reinforcing brand recognition and creating a unified and memorable brand experience.

The team paid meticulous attention to retailer guidelines, from dimensions to colour profiles, ensuring that the materials seamlessly fit within each store’s aesthetic. Tailoring messaging to resonate with each retailer’s unique customer base, the team emphasised factors such as affordability or premium quality. Strategically combining captivating visuals and consistent branding  helped to create a compelling and immersive brand experience within the retail environment. As a result, Deli Kitchen not only increased product visibility but also solidified its presence, fostering a positive and memorable connection with consumers in some of the UK’s leading retailers.

 7. Exhibition Stand

In 2023, Lion and Signature Flatbreads worked in collaboration, as we designed and crafted an exhibition stand for the renowned Anuga—an international trade fair celebrated for its focus on the vast realm of food and drink.

Our creative vision was channeled toward a captivating portrayal of their diverse bread range. With a careful selection of alluring photography, we curated a visual narrative complemented by a charmingly rustic ambiance. This approach was intricately woven with the threads of Signature Flatbreads’ core brand identity, ensuring a seamless fusion of their unique character within the exhibition stand.

The underlying concept sought to transport visitors into the comforting embrace of a ‘home-cooked’ and ‘traditional’ meal setting, thereby establishing a visceral connection with the brand. Simultaneously, our design aimed at kindling the fires of culinary creativity by showcasing the versatility of Signature Flatbreads’ products, suggesting a plethora of imaginative possibilities in the kitchen.

The fair attracted approximately 140,000 trade visitors hailing from 200 countries, who witnessed the culmination of our collaborative efforts. The resounding success of the fair not only underscores the global impact of Anuga but also reflects positively on the effectiveness of the physical extension we provided to the Signature Flatbreads brand. In essence, our meticulously designed stand functioned as an ambassador, extending the brand’s reach and elevating its visual presence within the dynamic landscape of the food industry.


Lion Creative’s integral approach helped create
a cohesive and compelling brand narrative
for Deli Kitchen.

Over the years, as an agency working with Signature Flatbreads, we’ve collaborated on various projects, including NPD renders, final artwork development, Shopper Marketing, and Influencer packaging. This partnership has allowed both our brands to grow together. By joining forces with Signature Flatbreads to enhance their range of wraps, pittas, flatbreads, and dessert wraps, we’re able to further elevate the brand’s positioning. Our in-house studio skills also enable us to create unique shopper marketing and advertising campaigns tailored specifically for Signature Flatbreads. Witness the expansion of the Signature Flatbreads brand portfolio alongside the ever-evolving consumer shopping trends.

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