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Danio NPD Launch

Yes, those really are giant pots we created which were then used in the major mults to attract the kind of attention you want when you launch a new brand. It’s been a while since we launched Danio, and it’s still in the chiller, loved by millions and selling better than ever. We continue to work with the brand creating exciting new ideas and presentations to help drive even bigger sales.

Working together now for over 10 years…

Retailer buyer kits

Danio needed to send out retailer kits to the likes of Tesco and Sainsbury’s, so we created notebooks, phone chargers, pens and spoons to tie in nicely with the 3 tasty pots that were included within each kit. Danio loved the kits so much that we also went on to do the same for Danone’s other brands; Oykos Whip & Mix, Light & Free and Actimel.

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